We want to invest in responsible tourism and that is why we have joined the STF program. The
Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) program offers a toolkit for the development of sustainable
tourism, which makes it easier to take ecologically sustainable measures. Destinations that have
gone through the program will be awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland label. More information about STF you can find here: https://travel-trade.visitfinland.com/en/sustainability/

We have been involved in the accommodation business for more than 50 years, and as a family-
owned hotel, making sustainable choices has been a natural part of our operations. It is important
for us to cherish local know-how and this special pure arctic nature. We want to make future
tourism even more sustainable.

We welcome everyone regardless of cultural background, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or
age. Everyone can safely be themselves both as our guests and as part of our work community.

We also encourage our customers to visit more ecologically. Our customers can, if they wish, skip
the daily cleaning and save water and for example energy, which is consumed e.g. for washing towels. At buffet meals, it is good to take only as much food as you eat, so that there is as little waste as possible. Although we only use LED lamps, we recommend always turning off the lights and unnecessary devices when the room is not occupied.

Developing the responsibility of tourism is a long-term effort, which we have committed to when
we set out on the STF path.

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